The story

CharKuu 102 Homestead started to come to life in the spring of 2015 when 8 heritage breed pigs were put on our land. 

After the pigs cleared the land, the timber frame barn was built and in July 2018 we hosted our first wedding. The atmosphere was set on our rustic shabby chic property for a perfect mid summer night with friends and family.  

Since then, the heritage breed pigs have moved away from the venue to the other side of the property.  We have increased our family to 40 and have taken on the challenge of being the first FARMER – BUTCHER -CHARCUTIER of a local cured meat product in the boreal forest.  It takes time and love to make our new product and we anticipate our Boreal Boards will be ready come fall 2019.

Things we do


Like a constellation in the northern sky.


Boreal Forest Born

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