The Team



Kristina joined the team two years ago and fit right in with her fondness for the food, music, landscape, and culture of Lake Superior’s north shore. 

She is a world travel daydreamer and late night thriver which allows her to be a first-class  visual inspiration addict and aspiring creative entrepreneur.  

“Gold Sparrow” is Kristina’s project that allows her an outlet to share creative energy, to build a community, and collaborate with kindred spirits.  She is a visual artist, event planner, and brand consultant during the week.  On weekends you will see her at our space making your wedding go off with out a hitch.

Kristina has the title of “Wedding Day Coordinator” but she does so much more.  She is there to make sure you and your guests celebrate your important day without worries.  


  • Wedding day intenerary coordination
  • Create wedding day timeline
  • Coordinate vendor arrivals and deliveries
  • Set up your tables and seating
  • Follow reception timeline
  • Bridal party housekeeping 
  • Set up of ceremony and reception space
  • Bridal suite orientation
  • Organize on site photo session



Raymond was born and raised in Thunder Bay
and sees the true potential of what it has to offer.  

He knows the secrets of the city but has found the hidden gem of the boreal forest.  He has  been working as paramedic for the past 13 years.  In the earlier years of his career he would work and then travel, work some more, and then travel even more. During his travels he had time to reflect that as a paramedic you generally see people on some of the worst days of their lives. He knew it was time for a change and came up with the idea of wanting to see people on the best days of their lives.  Raymond created CharKuu 102 to share Thunder Bay’s Boreal forest with friends and family on your wedding day.

Through out his world travels he has learnt that no matter where you go or what language you speak, that good food, music, drinks, and dance will bring total strangers together. Raymond sees the potential in people and in spaces and created CharKuu 102 with that in mind.  Thunder Bay now has a beautiful space in the Boreal forest where great local northern fusion cuisine can be paired with curated craft cocktails before dancing the night away under the northern stars.  While your friends and family are enjoying your day Raymond will be acting as the venue manager.  


  • Ceremony and reception set up and take down
  • Shuttle service schedule
  • Parking 
  • Seating layout
  • Creating wedding day itinerary 
  • Venue operations
  • Bar Menu selection with couple
  • Food Menu selection with couple
  • Liaison with other vendors
  • End of night takedown
  • Payment
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